Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Antweiler, Anna Marie  2 Apr 1874Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I18661 All Family Connections 
2 Goodall, George Job  3 Sep 1899Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I18592 All Family Connections 
3 Goodall, Grace  31 Jan 1890Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I18590 All Family Connections 
4 Goodall, Marmaduke Lee  12 Apr 1886Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I18588 All Family Connections 
5 Goodall, Mary  6 Sep 1895Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I18564 All Family Connections 
6 Goodall, Perry Handley  24 Aug 1897Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I18591 All Family Connections 
7 Goodall, Sarah  27 Sep 1891Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I18597 All Family Connections 
8 Goodall, Washington Walker  14 Dec 1893Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I18598 All Family Connections 
9 Holt, Della Louisa  6 Sep 1927Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I1448 All Family Connections 
10 Stone, William Rupert  Sep 1919Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I18583 All Family Connections 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Crane, Brumley H. "Buck"  19 Feb 1933Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I4424 All Family Connections 
2 Goodall, William Washington Walker  Jan 1924Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I18586 All Family Connections 
3 Pendleton, Charles Wesley  16 Mar 1935Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I1090 All Family Connections 
4 Pendleton, Gladys Emaline  12 Oct 1993Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I18498 All Family Connections 
5 Pendleton, Mary Jane  16 May 1991Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I18497 All Family Connections 
6 Shadwick, Mary Eliza  4 Aug 1947Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I4184 All Family Connections 
7 Shelton, Cora Elizabeth Arizona  12 Nov 1970Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I25054 All Family Connections 
8 Snelling, Charlsie M.  14 Jan 2004Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I25066 All Family Connections 
9 Stone, Arvilla Jane  20 Mar 1985Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I18575 All Family Connections 
10 Stone, Elizabeth Jane  26 Jan 1932Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I1842 All Family Connections 
11 Stone, John William  10 May 1908Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I1843 All Family Connections 
12 Stone, Robert Price Jr  22 Mar 1981Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I18431 All Family Connections 
13 Vaughn, Virginia  21 May 2005Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I174 All Family Connections 
14 Weiskopf, Wilbert A.  15 Mar 1978Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I15856 All Family Connections 
15 West, Priscilla Jane  6 Aug 1916Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I4177 All Family Connections 
16 Williams, William Emmett  14 Apr 1900Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA I18652 All Family Connections 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Graham / Harbison  9 Sep 1891Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA F4432 All Family Connections 
2 Libbert / Pendleton  30 Jul 1906Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA F4272 All Family Connections 
3 Williams / Antweiler  2 May 1900Jefferson City, Cole, MO, USA F5844 All Family Connections