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301 «i»Marriage Records Fayette County, Kentucky Volume II 1810-1814
«b»«/i»Name«/b»: John Armstrong
«b»Spouse«/b»: Jane Stone
«b»Marriage Date«/b»: 07 Apr 1812
John Blair, B.; Benjamin Lay, W.; Jane Stone, M.; Wm. Stone, gr. father; Micajah Stone, W. 
Family: F4058
302 «i»Marriage Records Fayette County, Kentucky Volume II 1810-1814
«b»«/i»Name«/b»: Samuel Buckley
«b»Spouse«/b»: Jane Stone
«b»Marriage Date«/b»: 05 Oct 1810
William Stone, B.; William Stone, F. 
Family: F4053
303 «i»Marriage Records Fayette County, Kentucky Volume II 1810-1814
«b»«/i»Name«/b»: William Armstrong
«b»Spouse«/b»: Mary Stone
«b»Marriage Date«/b»: 20 Oct 1812
Wm. Stone, B.; George Stone, F 
Family: F4127
304 1900 Census Essex Co., MA states she was widowed and had borne 4 children, 4 still living. Alice
305 Find-a-grave Alice O.
306 1900 Census Baltimore, MD, Annie is living in household of son, John A. Hoefner. Widowed, age 71, bore 4 children, 1 living; born Feb 1829 in Germany; immigrated 1871, 29 years in US, not naturalized. Annie E.
307 Barbara must have been married before she married Elijah. 1900 census says she had born 3 children, 2 of whom were still living. But they had been married only 6 years (abt 1894) and all the children listed are too old to be Barbara's. Barbara
308 find-a-grave Brilla Jane
309 1880 Federal census states Caroline's father was born in France, her mother was born in Wurttemberg. Caroline
310 Birth date problematical. 1830 census lists age as "of thirty and under forty"; 1850 census lists age as 44. She could have been born 1800 and fit census of 1830; and not been totally honest on 1850 census. Some women "fudged" their ages a bit, especially if, as in this case, they were older than their husband. However, that would cause problems with the births of her last three children. The twins, Catherine and Rhoda were born in 1851 and J. Strutton was born in 1856. If Christina was born 1800 she would have been 51 and 56 years old respectively at their births. Not likely. It is more likely that the census taker simply made an error and listed Christina in the wrong age column -- it should have been "of twenty and under thirty". Then, if the 1850 census is correct giving her age as 44, she would have been 24 at time of 1830 census. Still pretty old to be having children in 1851 and 1856, but not impossible.

W.H. Strutton reported on his Marriage Bond in 1886 that his mother, Christina, lived in Alabama. 
311 Madisonville Cemetery, Madisonville, Monroe, TN
R. Vance
Dec. 8, 1914

Dorcas D.
Aug. 6, 1918
Nov. 20, 1970 
Dorcas D.
312 (Research):Elizabeth Cantrell was the second wife of Isaac Cantrell (1733-1805) who formed Wolf Island Primitive Baptist Church in 1777. He was its pastor for over 20 years. Elizabeth
313 On March 18, 1853 [typo s/b 1835], Elizabeth Littrell, widow of Samuel, deceased, appeared in Court and relinquished her right to administer in favor of Alexander W. Mills, who Qualified with James Brittain, surety. Richard Crabtree, Robert M. Ely, Edward Beaty, Evan Williams and George Carr were appointed to appraise the personal property of Samuel Littrell, 20 March 1833. (OBK 3-457).
Early Settlers of Lee County, Virginia and Adjacent Counties
Volume II, copyright 1977
Married second to George St. Clair Burdette 10 Oct 1832. 
314 TITL 16831.ged
MEDI Other
TEXT Date of Import: Jun 14, 2000
MEDI Other
TEXT Date of Import: May 14, 1999 
315 To start, Philemon «b»Deatherage«/b» married Elizabeth _______. Philemon died in Rockingham Co NC in 1778. They had a daughter, Mary, who married Thomas Dalton. When Elizabeth «b»Deatherage«/b» died (probate Aug 1827) she named her grandsons Robert, James, and William Dalton on her will. Executor of the will was Nathaniel Scales. Elizabeth
316 find-a-grave photo of double gravestone

Shephard S.

Eva Mae
Eva Mae
317 Information from "Webster Genealogy" by Marilyn W. Fuchs, Barbara G. Wilson, and Patricia G. Wolcott copyright 1976, provided by June Bowen Pettit: "Christopher's wife Hannah was born in Virginia about 1774. Her maiden name remained unknown.
She survived her husband by 40 years, dying after 1850 in Jessamine Co. She was named her husband's sole heir in his will dated Aug 1813 in Jessamine Co." 
318 1910 Census Baltimore, MD, states Katie E. Unknown immigrated from Germany 1876; bore 1 child, 1 living. Katie E.
319 Will dated 14 Apr 1852. See notes for daughter Christian White. Lucinda
320 Not listed with Walter and children on 1930 Federal census, but listed as living with Walter on World War II Draft Registration Card April 1942. Mabel I.
321 Margaret Sanford Will, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Dated 16 December 1784, proved 22 February 1785.
Sanford, Magaret, 16 Dec. 1784; 22 Feb. 1785. Sons Reuben and William 27 acres land each; dau. Barbara Sanford a mare and saddle; grand dau. Peggy Sanford 1 horse; residue of estate to all my children. 
322 find-a-grave photo of double gravestone

Dec. 12, 1867
Mar. 28, 1955

Dec. 14, 1868
Nov. 28, 1935 
Margaret "Maggie"
323 1900 census says James & Margaret married 47 years, puts marriage date in 1853. Also states Margaret had borne 7 children, 2 still living. One, Irene, is in household in 1900 with 2 small children. Form says Irene is married and has been for 7 years. Where is husband? Margaret J.
324 According to 1900 Fed Census Biddeford, York Co., ME, Marry's father was born in England, her mother in New Hampshire. Marry A.
325 !According to census records, Mary is living with daughter and son-in-law Susan and James H. Shackleford in 1870 [age given as 50] and 1880 [age given as 63]. She does not appear on the 1900 census with them, presumed deceased. Birth date probably 1817-1820. Mary
326 According to 1930 United States Federal Census Essex County, MA, marry his parents were born in Nova Scotia. Mary
327 Full blood Miami Indian from OH/IN.
Source: Website of Early Anna Gardner 
328 Listed on 1860 census but not on 1870. Mary
329 Wills of Richmond County, Virginia, 1699-1800

Will Book 6, 1753-1767; p. 300
Mary How, will; 21 Nov 1761, 7 Jun 1762
Grson. Thomas Luttrell; grdau. Mary Luttrell; dau. Elizabeth Luttrell; ex: dau; wits: Jeremiah Brown, William Luttrell, Presley Luttrell

[Note: William Luttrell and Presley Luttrell were brothers of James Luttrell, husband of Elizabeth How. 
330 1870 Federal census, Tates Precinct, Casey, KY. Mary living HH #165, next door to daughter Lucinda and husband John Wesley McDonald in HH # 164. Widowed. Mary's son James W. and wife Sarah are living in HH #158. James is farm hand for Thomas Reuben.
«i»Tates Precinct, Casey, Kentucky«/i»; Roll: «i»M593_454«/i»; Page: «i»289A«/i»; Image: «i»581«/i»; Family History Library Film: «i»545953«/i». 
Mary "Polly"
331 According to 1910 Federal Census, parents were born in France. Mary A.
332 Living in household with Charles and Callie Nichols Milsaps in 1910, 1920 and 1930. Listed as widowed having borne 3 children, 2 still living in 1910. Mary Ann
333 BIRTH: !Birth year estimated at age 21 at time of marriage. Mary C.
334 1910 Federal Census Cleveland County, NC states Mary had borne five children, three still living. Mary Jane
335 !Matilda and daughters, Mary S. and Louisa, were living with son, James H., in 1880 according to Federal Census, Richwoods Twp, Miller Co., MO Matilda
336 «b»U.S., Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934
Name:«/b»Jesse M Ryan«tab»«tab»
«b»State Filed:«/b»Indiana«tab»«tab»
«b»Widow:«/b»Matilda Irene Ryan«tab»«tab»
«b»Roll Number:«/b»T288_409«tab»«tab»
Service: B & H 50 Ind Inf; B 52 Ind Inf
Date of filing
Invalid: 1886 Mar 10 App # 565306 Cert # 357,315
Widow: 1915 Sept 14 App # 1052972 Cert # 803,549 Indiana«i»
«/i»National Archives and Records Administration. «i»U.S., Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934«/i» [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2000. 
Matilda Irene
337 Banister Turner died before 1 Nov 1875. The following notes refer to the settlement of his estate. Note that he has remarried Nancy A. [Unknown] following the death of his wife, Susannah Hefner.

"1875 Nov. 1 - To Phillip M. Turner, Adm. of Banister Turner Es. - You will take notice that application is hereby made for a years allowance for Nancy A. Turner widow of Bannister Turner, Dec'd, to be assigned to her out of the Estate of said Bannister Turner as the law directs. (Atty of Nancy A. Turner
1879 Nov. 20 - Notice for P. M. Turner to produce deed from Banister Turner, Dec'd, to M. S. ? for land to Haywood Co. Superior Court
1879 Dec. 17 - Settlement of the above land dispute."

Source: "Ancestors of Mark Franklin Turner" Family Tree
Accessed by Shirley Dalton 2 Sep 2006 
Nancy Adaline

Pearl A.
Jan. 29, 1897
May 18, 1988

Loving Memories

June 10, 1897
Jan [?] 31, 1979 
Pearl A.
339 Find-a-grave Pearl Viola
340 1900 Census state Rachel and John Williams married one year. Rachel has borne 5 children to former husband, ---- Shuler, with 5 still living. Rachel
341 Date information posted on Find A Grave by Lolgives birth date as 1787. Photo of gravestone illegible. 1850 Federal Census states Ruth was 51, birth year 1799. Youngest child, George W., was born 1838. If Ruth was born 1787, she would have been 51 years old.
It is more likely she was born 1797 or 1799. 
Ruthe J.
342 BIRTH: !Est birth year based on age at marriage of 20, married about 1760. Sarah
343 BIRTH: !Est birth year based on age at marriage of 21, est marriage 1798, child born 1799 Sarah
344 find-a-grave photo of gravestone

Sarah A.
Wife of
Richard Luttrell
Aug. 12, 1846
July 10, 1911 
Sarah A.
345 find-a-grave photo of gravestone Sarah J.
346 «b»Virginia, Deaths and Burials Index, 1853-1917
«b»Birth Place:«/b»Northumberland, Virginia«tab»«tab»
«b»Death Date:«/b»20 Oct 1865«tab»«tab»
«b»Death Place:«/b»Northumberland, Virginia«tab»«tab»
«b»Marital Status:«/b»Single«tab»«tab»
«b»Father Name:«/b»Chas. H. Rice«tab»«tab»
«b»Mother Name:«/b»Virginia Rice«tab»«tab»
«b»FHL Film Number:«/b»2048580

Don't know name of son who died. Probably born about 1863.«tab» 
Sarah Virginia
347 BIRTH: !Est birth year based on age 20 at date of marriage. Senia
348 1910 Federal census states had borne 2 children, 0 living. Sophia
349 1687-1699 Order Book Part 2 - Northumberland Co Va; Hamrick: Pg 826
Northumberland County Court May 18,1698
Upon the motion of SUSANNAH LITTRILL, a Commission of Administration is granted her on the Estate of her deceased husband JAMES LITTRILL, she giving Caution for her due Administration on the said deceased's Estate according to Law.
1687-1699 Order Book Part 2 - Northumberland Co Va; Hamrick: Pg 827
Northumberland County Court June 15, 1698
Upon the Motion of SUSANNAH LITTRILL Administratrix of her deceased husband JAMES LITTRILL, HENRY DAWSON, JOHN WEBB, JOHN BAILY, JOHN BOAZ and WILLIAM WARD, any four of the said five are appointed sometime before the next Court to Appraise the Estate of the said deceased, being first sworn by the nearest Justice And Ordered that the said SUSANNAH Exhibit an Inventory thereof to the next Court upon Oath.
1687-1699 Order Book Part 2 - Northumberland Co Va; Hamrick: Pg 828
Northumberland County Court July 20 1698
Ordered that SUSANNAH LUTRILL widow and Relict of JAMES LUTTRILL be allowed for her Paraphernalia, a Flock bed and Furniture Appraised to four hundred and fifty pounds of Tobacco out of her said deceased husband JAMES LUTTRILL's Estate.
350 For those who say Susannah was William Lenoir's sister:
Abstract of will of Thomas Lenoir (William's father)
Parish of St. Mary's in the province of North Carolina
Thomas Lenoir I.
Date of Will, 14th day of May, 1765. Date probated, July Court, 1765.
Legatees mentioned: Wife, Mourning Lenoir.
Sons: Robert, Thomas, Issac, Lewis, John and William.
Daughters: Ann Westmoreland, Betty Lattimore, Leah Whittaker and Mary Perry.
Executrix: Mourning Lenoir.
Executor: Isacc Lenoir.
Witnesses: James Atkinson, Joshua Pollard.
Recorded in Will Book A, pages 147-149.
Teste: James Hall.

On all the family trees, etc., I have checked, William Lenoir had no sister named Susannah. There is no Susannah named in his father's will. William Lenoir was an exceptional patriot and statesman and his line is well researched. Susannah was not his sister.
"The church seated in the 12th of May 1803. It was reported to the church that Susanna Strutton was an accessory to a misdemeanor. The same was deferred to the next meeting for further investigation."
"The church seated on the 13th June 1803. The reference respecting Susanna Strutton dismissed."
source: Minutes and other records of monthly meetings usually held on Saturdays, of "The Church of Christ on the Head of the Yadkin" [became Yadkin Baptist Church]. transcription forward to me from Charles Swainson: source: letter to Charles Swainson from Betty Dodd Pittman, Resident Genealogist, Burke County e-mail; dated 17 Nov 2008

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